Pictures don’t even do him justice. SO BIG. #husky

Pictures don’t even do him justice. SO BIG. #husky

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so many feelings

but i’m so in love with life right now. i feel such a range of emotions because it’s about to be october, and it’s finally sinking in that this is my last semester at cal. i’ve made such wonderful friends here that i cherish SO MUCH. i had my doubts about my relationship with each of them last year, but i’m forming such deeper friendships with them. they are all such great people, honestly. it just sucks so hard that this is my final semester at cal - i feel like i’m still a sophomore. that’s what really sucks about transferring, because you never really have enough time.

however, though i’m really sad that this is my last semester, i am so stoked about studying abroad next semester. it’s going to be so awesome living in a WHOLE DIFFERENT COUNTRY that i’ve never been to. i’m also excited about potentially (probably) visiting vietnam after/during my study abroad, because i haven’t been in over 8 years. i have such a deeper appreciation for my culture now, and i really can’t wait to go back after so long.

i’m also so happy because i’ve really been expanding my comfort zone lately! i never ever thought i would join a climbing gym, and it really is such a cool experience. i love the challenge of climbing new routes, and it feels SO GOOD to accomplish a difficult route. it’s truly a test of perseverance and courage, as cheesy as that sounds. i like it so much better than just doing the typical gym stuff that i’ve done in the past.

i feel like i’ve ventured out of my comfort zone a lot this semester. it’s probably a lot to do with my facing you, facing me class that i’m taking. i went to a MECHxA meeting yesterday and i felt SO awkward being the only non-latino there at first, but it was such an awesome experience. i can’t wait to experience other cultures in the following weeks. i’m absolutely loving this class so much so far.

gfadjogakdgoadj. i love life. i love my family. i love my friends, both from berkeley and from home. i love my boyfriend. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

but i probably should focus on schoolwork more, heh.

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